Deep Creek Road


And here is our first video for 2018, Crazy Blue:


Our video and single, If You Only Knew Me When :


This is our top 5 single, Anchor


This was our first #1 single, What If I Was Willing:


Here is the official video for our  single, I Wanna See Ur Crazy.


This is our tour diary of The Monkerai Springers Ball


Here is our film clip for Cowboy On The Run


Here is the official video for our debut single, Here & Gone.


A lovely live clip at the Live on the lawn festival:


Here is a mash up clip of our songs from our gig at Rah Bar in Melbourne.


A clip of us rehearsing a bluegrassy kind of version of  Come to Life


This video is a tour diary from early 2014.


Deep Creek Road feat. Troy Kemp from McAlister Kemp TCMF 2014 – “Harder To Tame”

  1. Alan A Griffith October 14, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Hi heard the song and have to say really intresting dimension between country and rock.My background is pretty solid in the industry as you will see.I am intrested to know a bit more and how you went in Nashville.
    I have worked with a who’s of acts and been with Nickelback for over 12 years working for Bryan amongst other acts and also been doing stuff for Chief who manages Florida Georgia Line.Countyr is beginning to get a bit of attitude now with rock influences.Kind of emulating the days of Southern rock.
    I listened to your ep on itunes.Am intrested to know also how the industry in Australia is with you.Did you play Gympie.Tamworth seems to be more old skool.Thanks Alan

  2. Rick Wilson February 8, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    Saw you guys on my last night in Tamworth at the Pub
    I wanted to steal your girl, and if I weren’t 30years too old and with as much talent as the fella I reckon I could pull it off.
    I bought your album. The only one I purchased this year.
    Any way from an old drummer, you guys really rock.
    I hope you can achieve the success you deserve.

  3. Lynn McFarland June 8, 2014 at 7:06 am

    Really enjoyed meeting you in Nashvillle today Steve & J’aime. Such sweet people! Listened to your music and really really liked it.


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